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Mother Earth Living March 2018

“these sustainable pots made from renewable grain fibers and natural binding agents will help plants thrive”

Garden Center Magazine March 2016

garden center magazine.jpeg

“Rich, saturated color features prominently at EcoForms, but the focus is earthy colors that complement the company’s sustainability focus.”

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Vegetarian Times January 2014

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Made from rice hulls, these biodegradable containers are designed to last for up to 10 years of indoor use.”
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Urban Farmer Magazine June 2012

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“When used outdoors, EcoForms pots will last at least five years; they’ll last even longer indoors.” May 2011


"Biodegradable homes for spring plantlife…Late starters, catch up on spring planting with this set of six EcoForms, made from compressed grain husks with natural, water-soluble binding agents.”


YOUR GREEN QUEST: “Environmentally friendly gardeners are looking for alternatives to plastic planters. Plastic pots are made from petroleum, require significant energy to make and when no longer needed are usually thrown in the trash where they can take centuries to decompose. Here is one alternative from Sweetwater Nursery…”

SIMPLY GREEN SOLUTIONS: “Whether used for planting, plating or decoration, these earth-toned receptacles are made from grain husks. Using this material is a statement of this company’s commitment to sustainability.”

THE ALTERNATIVE CONSUMER: “Biodegradable, sustainable, easy on the eyes and and inexpensive.

GREEN TALK: “Depending on where you live, finding stylish pots for your plants can be quite frustrating. I had this super stylish, mod container filled with a few succulent varieties, and then my dog knocked over the table. The container completely shattered beyond the adhesive power of super glue. I was so annoyed to realize that finding a replacement that remotely matched original style was going to be impossible from where I live. But then I discovered these green pots from EcoForms at a local garden store.”

TREE HUGGER: “EcoForms offers four styles of pots designed for use with house & patio plants and for commercial growers, and they come in six neutral colors in sizes and dimensions from 3 inches to 12 inches.”

SAC GARDENING: “A friend and I saw… and fondled… these gorgeous new biodegradable EcoForms pots at Emigh Hardware the other day. They’re really cool and I’m going to get some. They’re made from rice hulls!”

THIS NEXT: “These planting pots are a great choice because they are made from renewable grain husks, are a long lasting alternative to plastic.”

SPRING WISE: “Coming to the rescue of eco-friendly gardeners whose choice was previously limited to stoneware or cheap plastic pots and planters, EcoForms of Santa Rosa, California developed attractive sustainable pots.”

APARTMENT THERAPY: “Only after they have been discarded into a commercial or municipal landfill facility will decomposition take place. They then break down into nutrient-rich organic matter with a PH value of 7.0.”

RE-NEST: “While running in for a bite to eat at a nearby Whole Foods, we stopped to check out this colorful collection of non-plastic garden pots manufactured from the husks of rice, other grains and starch-based, water-soluble binders and biodegradable additives. The ingredients almost sound better tasting than some of the healthy snacks inside the grocery chain…”

HGTV MARKETPLACE: “EcoForms products are a smart and sustainable choice for gardeners. Available in a wide range of simple and elegant forms“.

GROOVY GREEN: “They are a husband wife team who run an organic nursery called Sweetwater Nursery. Like most things borne out of necessity; they wanted an alternative to the plastic pots.”

GREEN YOUR: “The world of gardening containers is a sad carnival of ugly. I grow A LOT of plants, therefore requiring A LOT of pots. Unfortunately, the few stylish containers out there fall outside of a price range affordable to the bountiful, yet thrifty grower. That’s why I was excited to find these gorgeous plant pots at a Whole Foods on a recent trip to San Francisco.”

POP GADGET: “I think that the product is a fantastic idea, and I wish them the best of luck rolling it out nationwide over the next year.

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