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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do EcoForms plant pots last?

EcoForms plant pots are designed to last up to 5 years outdoors, and longer indoors. Depending on conditions, some may last up to 10 years indoors.

What are they made of?

EcoForms plant pots are made from rice hulls, natural binding agents and natural dyes. Rice hulls are the husks that encase grains of rice, which are removed after harvesting. They are a completely renewable material. These hulls often end up thrown away, adding to landfills and emitting greenhouse gases. 

Do they work as well as plastic pots?

We have performed in-house tests at the nursery which have shown that most plants grow better and more vigorously in EcoForms pots than plastic pots. They create a more natural environment for plant roots, helping to create healthier root systems.

Can they handle freezing?

Both decorative pots and grower pots show no damage when exposed to freezing or thawing conditions.

Can I compost them?

EcoForms pots are designed to be used for several years, therefore they don't break down fast enough for composting. However, at the end of their lifespan they are biodegradable. 

Can I plant the grower pots directly in the ground?

It is not recommended to plant grower pots in the ground. Since they are designed to be reusable, they will not break down as quickly as your plants' roots will want to grow.

Do they weep or leak water?

EcoForms pots are completely waterproof and do not allow water to penetrate them. The only place water will come out is in the drainage holes that are pre-drilled in every pot. Our saucers are made from the same materials and also completely waterproof.

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