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              ur Company is a family founded business that grew out of the desire to find an alternative to plastic pots. EcoForms pots are made from renewable grain fibers, are biodegradable and petroleum free. The commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with our products. Our warehouse and facility is solar powered and our pots and business is certified Climate Neutral.



We are pleased to announce that EcoForms has reached an important goal this year. We have chosen to pursue climate neutrality certification as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the environment, sustainability and renewable products. It was sustainability that sparked the idea for EcoForms and environmental responsibility remains at the heart of the business in all aspects. We feel that our carbon offsets can help provide a temporary solution in the areas of our supply chain that are beyond our control. This will allow us to make our emissions transparent along with our efforts, our goals, and solutions for becoming independent of fossil fuels.

What is climate neutral certified?

Climate neutral certified is an independent climate action label that helps companies reach their goals of net-zero, and helps consumers find companies who are climate neutral. The label was created by the Change Climate Project, a non-profit with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gasses. They help businesses measure their emissions and consistently take steps to reduce them and to offset them. EcoForms is proud to have this certification as a symbol of our dedication to environmental sustainability.

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